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Adolescent Psychotherapy

The transition from childhood into adolescence is a challenging time that often presents concerns for parents and guardians who feel frustrated and helpless when trying to manage strong emotions. Peaceful Mind Solutions prides itself on being that supportive partner for families attempting to navigate these testing years, as well as providing a virtual haven for young adults and teenagers so they can truly express their feelings and learn vital coping mechanisms.

Our adolescent counseling services focus on teaching teenagers important coping skills for a range of issues such as depression, body image challenges, self-esteem, anxiety, school-related stress, substance abuse, life transitions, and disruptive behavior disorders. The gentle approach employed by our experienced children and adolescents’ therapist ensures that teenagers feel safe, listened to, and comfortable enough to open up and get to the root of their feelings.

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Don’t hesitate – schedule your complimentary 15-minute consultation to discuss your adolescent’s unique needs, goals, and concerns with our experienced therapist. Together, we’ll collaborate to develop a personalized plan tailored to your child’s unique needs.

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What about you, the parent or guardian?

We understand that the years raising teenagers can be long and tiresome, and at times you too can feel lost. That’s why our adolescent therapy services extend to you, providing support and learning so that you can help your child continue to be more resilient and stand on their own feet, long after our therapy sessions have ended.

Entrusting Peaceful Mind Solutions with your child means:

Each $180 adolescent therapy session lasts 50 minutes and can be flexibly arranged around school and home life.